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breakfast club

Our café's atmosphere is filled with warmth and intimacy.

We invite you to a place where you can enjoy pleasant moments with your friends. With its comfortable and modern design, our establishment offers a space that makes guests feel at home.

We offer the unique flavors of Germany.

In our establishment, you can not only enjoy delicious meals but also relax and have a good time in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

We aim to provide our customers with an unforgettable experience

We meticulously prepare beloved delicacies from world cuisines such as bagels, pancakes, and baked potatoes, using carefully selected ingredients and expertise.

We assure you that you'll be delighted by this taste.

During special hours, we recommend trying our baked potato, which is exclusively prepared on weekdays. Prepared with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, you can enjoy our baked potato alongside freshly squeezed fruit juices.

What Our Guests Say

If you're looking for breakfast in Berlin, this is ideal! It's plentiful, clean and the welcome is perfect 😉 I recommend the homemade spinach cake, delicious. Thank you for this warm welcome, I recommend, I will surely come back.
Irem Nur Atay
I can recommend Bagel Italy. It was super filled and tasted really fresh and delicious. The small cappuccino was also completely fine for the price. The selection in general is great and ranges from savory to sweet, so there is something for everyone. We will be back definitely.
Xenia Kaufmann
Recommended! We spontaneously went in for a coffee and we were thrilled. The pancakes and bagels were so delicious! We really liked the whole atmosphere, it has charm. I'll definitely be back!
Christina Sack
We had breakfast here before the Berlin Book Fair because we liked the ambience and the food from Google Photos. We wouldn't be disappointed... The staff served us friendly and gave us a seat. The food was beautifully prepared and tasted great. We can only recommend everyone to come and eat here.
Alrik Gerlach
“Due to high demand, we do not take any table reservations at our establishment.”